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DDD Brisbane

DDD Brisbane is a non profit community event run by developers, for developers & will be held on Saturday, 3 December 2022.

2022 Agenda

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Ballroom A/B Ballroom C Moreton/Lockyer Queens Ballroom
8:00 Registration
8:45 Welcome and house-keeping
Liz Fong-Jones
9:55 ---
Battling Burnout
Brendan Graham
Progress Over Perfection - the Secret Formula to Boosting Productivity & Your Career!
Bel Lloyd
Yes, Your Browser Can Do That (Probably) — A Look At Modern Web APIs You Might Not Know
Julian Burr
10:40 Break
11:10 GitHub Like a Boss
Michelle Mannering
Navigating changing jobs as a neurodiverse woman…and it’s nerve-wracking.
Ashleigh Wilson
Rust 5 years in
Ashley Mannix
Flavours of State Management with Blazor WebAssembly
William Liebenberg
12:05 Cyber Security as a Software Developer
Stuart Hoff
How to use a generative culture to manage team cognitive load
Mark Gerard
Failure 101: What life lessons can teach us about better software development
Sarah McGeough
How good Acceptance Criteria drives TDD
Kelly Benson
12:50 Lunch
13:50 Choose your own pen-test adventure!
James Hercock & James Trotter
I've got your (feed)back - a guide to giving, receiving and asking for feedback
Stephanie Yeo
Empowered Employees | Starting from the ground up
Lachlan Young
Microservices in a Monorepo: the Best of Both Worlds
Raphael Haddad
14:45 Useful Docker for Developers
Brendan Richards
Emotional Intelligence - The Antidote of Tech Bro Culture
Janel Brandon
The 10 best things I learnt as a consultant that can be used by anyone to achieve better outcomes
Wade Baglin
Domain Driven Design: describing the problem, not the solution
Steve Morris
15:30 Break
16:00 ---
Women's Stories from the Tech Trenches v2.0
Sarah Young
Documentation for Developers
Shaw Innes
Thinking as a Typescript developer
Jaime Febres
Nick Earls
17:40 Closing
Thanks & Prizes

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