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2019 Agenda

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8:45Welcome and housekeeping
Red Room
9:00KEYNOTE - Chris Ferrie
The Cat In The Box
Red Room
9:55Jason Hess
C# 8 - Add Two Cups of Syntactic Sugar And Mix
Sarah Taraporewalla
So You've Become A Tech Lead - Great. Now what?
Jaime Febres
TypeScript: Beyond 101
10:40Morning Tea
11:10Brendan Richards
Clean Code with Entity Framework Core
Ashleigh Wilson
The future of Accessibility requires us to think differently
Thiago Passos
Vue.js is going to take the world
12:05Jess Dodson
Security 101 - Do I *really* need to say this again?!
Damian Karzon
Working remotely: Tips and Tricks to stay productive (and healthy)
Lachlan Young
Your degree is 10% of your value. How to capture the other 90
Saeb Amini
Common `async` misconceptions
Amy Kapernick
How to Manage Your Ducks
Inga Pflaumer
Building up your juniors
13:50Dominique Rolin
I ♥️ Refactoring: Accelerating Delivery in Legacy Codebases
Dallas Clark
Automated Testing - Beyond End to End Testing
Terence Huynh
How to Quit Your Job
14:45William Liebenberg
Clean-code with Azure Functions and Cosmos DB
Mel Redding
Changing the Future of Tech - One Intern at a Time
Adrian Clark
Ignite Web Development with Blazor
15:30Afternoon Tea
16:00Curtis Lusmore
Lessons Learnt from a Failed Product Launch
Lionell Pack, Maisie Vuong
Drawing For Developers
Michele Playfair
Is it done yet? (How about now?)
17:00LOCKNOTE - Kris Howard
Knitted Disruption
Red Room
18:00Closing, Thanks and Prizes
Red Room

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