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DDD Brisbane

DDD Brisbane is a non profit community event run by developers, for developers & will be held on Saturday, 3 December 2022.

2015 Agenda

Maroon Room Room 411 Red Room Room 401 Orange Room Room 406
8:15 Registration
8:45 Welcome and house-keeping
Marita Cheng
10:00 Break
10:15 Panel: What is quality code
Bruce Morrison with Nicholas Blumhardt, Damian Brady, Andrew Newman and Anna Gerber
Making ReSharper Sharper: How to make your own R# plugin
Emily Poole
Securing AngularJs & Asp 5 Web API - Auth Fundamentals
Chris Briggs
11:25 Concept to cash - actually shipping an app and trying to make money from it!
Rob Pearson
Parsing Text: the Programming Superpower You Need at Your Fingertips
Nicholas Blumhardt
Building APIs with MVC 6 and OAuth
Filip Ekberg
12:25 Lunch
13:20 Building Maintainable Software
Lionell Pack
Designing an API
Indu Alagasarmy and John Simons
Windows Server Containers: What do I need to know as a ASP.NET Developer?
Jeremy Cade
14:30 Back to basics: simple, elegant, beautiful code
Andrew Harcourt
Become A One Person DevOps Team With Visual Studio Online
Andrew Birch
Build your own Marketplace: Online Payments
Ben Cull
15:30 Break
15:45 Sweet, you're agile! Now what?
Chris Gilbert
Introduction to Akka.Net
Jaime J. Febres Velez
JavaScript - the language of Chuck Norris
Joshua Wulf and Chuck Norris
17:00 LOCKNOTE - What is a compiler? We thought we knew...
Mads Torgersen
18:00 Closing
Thanks, Prizes, Migration to the pub