Current status: Concluded for 2023

DDD Brisbane

DDD Brisbane is a non profit community event run by developers, for developers. We are currently selling tickets for the 2023 event.

2023 Agenda

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PAC PAC 2 Classroom 1 Classroom 2
8:00 Registration
8:45 Welcome and house-keeping
Amy Kapernick
10:00 Addressing technical debt
Jack Watts
Life the Universe and Everything - Lessons Learned from 42 Years in Software
Bryden Oliver
Amplifying Your Tech Career: Showcasing Your Work and Building Your Brand
Michelle Sandford
Achieving Honest and Deeper Connections with Technical Teams
Fredy Lievano
10:45 Break
11:10 Zero Trust in Application Development: Adjust Your Mindset
Stuart Hoff
Debugging Leadership: Navigating the Leadership Labyrinth in Tech
Sunny Wijeratne
You're a Manager Harry
Tim Barton
Problem finding, not solving.
Samantha Di Lena
12:10 1:1 101
Stephanie Yeo
Databases Are Amazing
Liam McLennan
Home labs, why every programmer should have one.
Kiran Joy
How to avoid frog soup
Steve Morris
12:55 Lunch
13:50 Vertical Slice Architecture: How Does it Compare to Clean Architecture
Luke Parker
Common mistakes in EF Core
Jernej Kavka
Surviving the AI Revolution: Strategies and Tools for Thriving in the Future of Tech
Bronwen Zande
5 Crucial Insights on Accessibility
Eliza Fury
14:50 Conflicts are good!!
Resh Venugopal
How fast is your website really? Shining a light on web performance with real user monitoring
Macklin Hartley
The Architect's Journey to Successful Enterprise Projects
William Liebenberg
Level up with GitHub Copilot: using AI to learn, code, and build
Michelle Mannering
15:35 Break
16:00 XOXO Recruiter Girl
Emily Conaghan
Serverless: Event Orchestration with State Machines
Brendan Richards
Three pillars and beyond: ten observability techniques you can use today
Nicholas Blumhardt
Azure Developer CLI Deep Dive
Jason Taylor
Dylan Beattie
17:50 Closing
Thanks & Prizes